Making over $100,000 selling one counterfeit sweatshirt. Harry Potter edition.

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on December 15, 2015   News Tags: , , ,

This guy just keeps popping up on my Facebook feed.

At the time of this post, this counterfeit sweatshirt has sold 3,125 times, each sweatshirt priced at $39.99.

Total: $124,968.75

Counterfeit Harry Potter Sweatshirt on Teezido

Promoted via Facebook. Check out those likes and shares:

Counterfeit Harry Potter Facebook

The average gross margin on sites like this and other Teespring popups are around 50% for the seller when a item sells this much. A couple thousand spent on advertisements, and you end up with 60k in profit. Not bad for a days work. And Harry thinks he is the wizard.

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