Giorgio and History Channel lose $64,060. Alien related or a fake shirt?

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on August 23, 2016   News Tags: , ,

Facebook somehow knew I watched the new episode on TV last week and decided to show me some advertisements about the show. As you can read here, a report shows that 24% of all Facebook ads lead to counterfeit product. I think the number is higher then that based on our own data. The ad that was shown to me was, you guessed it, a fake shirt.

The Facebook ad:

fake counterfeit anceint aliens shirt

Check out those shares and likes. Over 3000 comments!

Check out the product itself:


teechip fake ancient aliens shirt counterfeit


The reason why I show the Facebook ad is that some t-shirt sites put fake numbers to create “social-proof”, where if the number sold was zero, few people would buy, but if the number is higher, people seem to buy it. Teechip does not inflate numbers however some sites do. That is why I always check Facebook to confirm the interest in the item.

Assuming people only bought the cheapest version, the $20 mug and 3203 units being sold, the total sales were $64,060 USD. The ad appeared first on Feb 14, 2016 and generated a average of 335 dollars per day. Factor in shipping and product costs, Facebook ads, and everything else, I would estimate at least 25k in profit.

What do you think?


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