Counterfeit Exxon oil being sold in China. I am not surprised

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What is not counterfeited these days? Really, I do wonder. I usually do not hear much about fake petroleum. They are not a lot of fakes, as oil is really cheap. If oil trades at $100 a barrel, and  a barrel holds 53 gallons, you can see how cheap a single gallon is.

When I buy oil for my car, I usually open it and start pouring it into my engine. I don’t inspect it, and have really not seen anyone either. If I bought counterfeit oil and put it in my car, it could destroy the engine, and it will  cost me a lot of money and time to remove the fake oil from the car.

How did the seller get caught? A user on a car forum had suspected some Exxon oil he bought was not real. He asked the company to investigate. Here is Exxon’s letter to requesting the product to be taken down:


counterfeit fake exxon oil china

One problem websites like have is that it is near impossible to tell if the oil is real of fake when listed on the site. Because oil composition is more complex, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity for ordinary users.  It is recommended that you go to a regular store to purchase oil for your car.

Kinda scary right? How would you feel if you had put some counterfeit oil in your car on accident or a auto worker did. Leave a comment.

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