A perfect example of getting around Youtube’s content system to monetize other people’s videos

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on October 3, 2016   Information

I was watching some lions on Youtube when I came across this video. I send out a large amount of DMCA notices everyday, so I am used to the way people get around Youtube’s content system. This video however is far the best I have seen. Judging by the view account, the person was making a killing in ad revenue too.

The video is a compilation of lions attacking cars.

A screenshot of the video:


First thing to see is the name of the channel. It is not official.

Next thing to notice is the 6 ads during the video, 1 before and 1 after the video. So a total of 8 ads. The yellow bars are the ads.

Also notice the use of “Exclusive Video”. If you watch the video, it is nothing but clips from other uploads. Not exclusive at all.

So how does this video trick the content system? Two ways.

The first is the use of public domain music. If you watch the video, music plays during the whole thing. This stops the audio matching 100%.

The next way it stops the content matching system is by making the video itself less quality then the original. See image below. When the image is slightly changed like that, it fools the visual matching part.


Now with 1.5 million views, you are getting a lot of ad revenue for something that is not yours.

I hope this answers your question Youtube users:


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