How you know Led Zeppelin will win the copyright court case

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on May 16, 2016   Commentary

One of the major copyright news stories of the year was that rock band Led Zeppelin was being sued for copyright infringement for the song “Stairway to Heaven”. Their most famous song and my personal favorite. I was quite surprised when they were sued and claims that the intro was stolen from the band Spirit. That and in the beginning Led Zeppelin was losing the case.

For decades there were claims they took the intro, however this was the first legal action against the rock band. While the media debated this, I already knew who would win the case. It was fairly obvious.

The reason you know Led Zeppelin would win is that if Spirit had a case against them, they would have started the legal process decades ago when the song first blew up. Why wait until 2014?



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