Donald Trump loses 359k on counterfeit MAGA hats on eBay. 51,000 fake hats sold

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on October 24, 2016   News Tags: ,

Donald Trump holds a trademark on many products for the text “Make America Great Again“. The most famous being the red hats.

A search on eBay for the trademark for hats brings up thousands of results. Here we take a look at the first 200 results returned for the keyword “Make America Great Again Hats“.

According to the data, Mr. Trump has lost $359,000 on 51,000 counterfeit hats sold on that platform. Read More

Giorgio and History Channel lose $64,060. Alien related or a fake shirt?

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Facebook somehow knew I watched the new episode on TV last week and decided to show me some advertisements about the show. As you can read here, a report shows that 24% of all Facebook ads lead to counterfeit product. I think the number is higher then that based on our own data. The ad that was shown to me was, you guessed it, a fake shirt. Read More

Sellers take advantage of Coca Cola’s “share a coke” program, list bottles for sale on eBay with names of celebrities and brands

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Last year Coca Cola launched a program where users can upload a name and Coca Cola will print the name on the bottle and ship it to you for $5. While 99% of those using the program did it to print their name or someone else they knew, a few decided to list names of celebrities and brands and sell them on eBay. Some even tricked users as listing the bottles as “Authentic”, as it was a real coke bottle, but it was not a real bottle authorized by the brand.

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China regulator ironically attacks Alibaba for not doing enough about counterfeits

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China, home of the world’s counterfeiting industry has sent a letter to Alibaba accusing the company of not doing enough to fight counterfeits. According to estimates, 8% of China’s GDP is based on counterfeiting. So is it ironic that the regulators are attacking one company, but doing nothing on a nation wide scale. Nike left China years ago because the government would not enforce any intellectual property law.

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Canadian Customs now allows recordal services for brand owners. Should your business use it?

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At the start of this year, the Canadian Combating Counterfeit Products Act became law.  With this new power, brand owners can register their trademarks and copyrights with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).  Basically you register with customs and when a package is inspected and the items match your intellectual property, customs will contact you to verify the package.

They can send a brand owner a sample of the package, and the details of the sender and receiver. This can also help companies that are wanting to have civil proceedings brought against counterfeiters in court. 

There are no fees to register with customs. However if a brand owner wants the counterfeit goods to be destroyed, they may have to pay a fee. This part of the bill is still being developed and details are limited.

Before this bill became law, there was no legal authority for customs to seize a commercial shipment if they thought it was counterfeit.

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Bill gives FDA new power and money to fight counterfeit medicine. Criminal charges for counterfeiters could be life in prison.

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A new bill proposed by Representative Steve Israel would increase the budget for the counterfeiting department over at the FDA. It would also alter the maximum prison term for those found guilty of selling counterfeits drugs  or mislabeling medicine.

Counterfeit medicine is  very dangerous. Especially if you have cancer and the cancer pills you got were counterfeit, just as this story about fake Avastin pills. That is just one cancer drug that is counterfeited and sold. Birth control pills, antibiotics are heavily counterfeited along with every other type of medicine, supplements and pills.

While the amount of counterfeit medicine is low in the US and western world, poorer countries have been hit hard. Afghanistan has it worst, with counterfeit medicine booming.

Rep. Israel would like to keep it that way, a low amount of counterfeits in the US. Removing all counterfeits is impossible. His bill calls for a $60 million expenditure per year to fight counterfeits, along with harsher prison terms.

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