China regulator ironically attacks Alibaba for not doing enough about counterfeits

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on January 30, 2015   News Tags: , , , ,

China, home of the world’s counterfeiting industry has sent a letter to Alibaba accusing the company of not doing enough to fight counterfeits. According to estimates, 8% of China’s GDP is based on counterfeiting. So is it ironic that the regulators are attacking one company, but doing nothing on a nation wide scale. Nike left China years ago because the government would not enforce any intellectual property law.

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Wars are not cheap. Alibaba spends $161 million to fight counterfeit listings. Hires 2,000 workers and 5,400 volunteers

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on January 2, 2015   News Tags: , , ,

We have covered many stories on Alibaba’s and China’s problem with counterfeits. You can check out our post here where we discuss just how much Alibaba’s sales are depended on counterfeits.

As this year ends, the total amount that the company has spent on fighting counterfeit listings has been released. The past two years, starting in January 2013 to the end of November this year, Alibaba has spent a total of $160.7 million and has removed 90 million product listings. I guess they do have a lot of money to spend after raising $25 billion in their IPO back in September.

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