Exploiting and getting passed EU customs to import counterfeit products

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While the economy is doing okay over here in the US, many countries of the European Union never truly recovered from the 2008 financial meltdown. Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain (PIGS) being some of the hardest hits. Ireland was hit pretty hard too. Many austerity programs started for these countries to control their deficits. Cuts were all over the place, but it hit the custom workers hard.

Take for example the city of Cannes in France, were before the crisis it had 20 custom workers. How much now? Just 4. The city is home to the Calabrian mafia, a group known to be in the importing and distribution of counterfeit goods.

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Counterfeit Exxon oil being sold in China. I am not surprised

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What is not counterfeited these days? Really, I do wonder. I usually do not hear much about fake petroleum. They are not a lot of fakes, as oil is really cheap. If oil trades at $100 a barrel, and  a barrel holds 53 gallons, you can see how cheap a single gallon is.

When I buy oil for my car, I usually open it and start pouring it into my engine. I don’t inspect it, and have really not seen anyone either. If I bought counterfeit oil and put it in my car, it could destroy the engine, and it will  cost me a lot of money and time to remove the fake oil from the car.

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Forget smuggling drugs across the border, counterfeits are the new thing. $4.7 million in fake goods seized per day

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Our southern border has tons of gaps and other spots to exploit if you wanted to come into this country. Just like our post on the gaps in EU customs, there are gaps in the US too if you want to being in counterfeit products easy. While drug smugglers are always finding new ways to get in from digging tunnels to using submarines, or in the future using drones, others are bringing illegal counterfeit products into the USA almost risk free.

This is a story you do not hear much.

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