Giorgio and History Channel lose $64,060. Alien related or a fake shirt?

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on August 23, 2016   News Tags: , ,

Facebook somehow knew I watched the new episode on TV last week and decided to show me some advertisements about the show. As you can read here, a report shows that 24% of all Facebook ads lead to counterfeit product. I think the number is higher then that based on our own data. The ad that was shown to me was, you guessed it, a fake shirt. Read More

How you know Led Zeppelin will win the copyright court case

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on May 16, 2016   Commentary

One of the major copyright news stories of the year was that rock band Led Zeppelin was being sued for copyright infringement for the song “Stairway to Heaven”. Their most famous song and my personal favorite. I was quite surprised when they were sued and claims that the intro was stolen from the band Spirit. That and in the beginning Led Zeppelin was losing the case.

For decades there were claims they took the intro, however this was the first legal action against the rock band. While the media debated this, I already knew who would win the case. It was fairly obvious.

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Sellers take advantage of Coca Cola’s “share a coke” program, list infringing bottles for sale on eBay with names of celebrities and brands

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on April 24, 2016   News Tags: , , ,

Last year Coca Cola launched a program where users can upload a name and Coca Cola will print the name on the bottle and ship it to you for $5. While 99% of those using the program did it to print their name or someone else they knew, a few decided to list names of celebrities and brands and sell them on eBay. Some even tricked users as listing the bottles as “Authentic”, as it was a real coke bottle, but it was not a real bottle authorized by the brand.

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LCS illegally claims copyright to a US Government photo. Threatens us with legal action.

Submitted by Kevin Hoda on February 4, 2016   Company Tags: , ,

Over the past couple months, a company called License Compliance Services (“LCS”) has sent emails and letters to our company claiming one of our blog posts may or may not infringe on a copyright. Not only did this company not know if we were infringing or not but it turns out the photo we used was copyrighted by the US Government, not the company they claimed it to be.

LCS has a history with false claims and they threaten thousands of people every month with fines. Here is my reply to this fraudulent company.

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